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Come join us and celebrate our community market.


We are conveniently located just off of the Westmorland St. bridge.  With 23,000 sq ft. for you to explore. On site parking,  ATM and wheelchair accessible.

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Friday - 11:00am - 4:00pm 

Saturday - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday - 10:00am - 4:00pm

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email: info@thenorthsidemarket.ca

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We are excited to announce The Northside Market is opening a "house" boutique within the market called "Little House on the Perry". 

Little House on the Perry would be walking into the ambiance of a little house of handcrafted products. The boutique features the creativity of Fredericton and as wide as New Brunswick. Since our opening we have been fortunate to see all the amazing talent Fredericton / New Brunswick has to offer. We have had and still have vendors showcasing their products at The Northside Market from various communities around Fredericton.

We recognize many talented vendors travel far distances or have restrictions due to family and job commitments. Due to this it is very difficult for these creative and very talented individuals to commit to regular market hours. We have a solution which allows them to showcase their products, allow for the community to enjoy the products made and allows the Market to be proud of and support the products being showcased in Little House on the Perry. There may be restrictions placed on some individuals and we have a solution!
Little House on the Perry is open during market hours with the intention of extending the hours into other days of the week. This increases exposure and gives way for increasing the success of our talented community while maintaining career and family obligations. 

Our intentions at The Northside Market is to keep on showcasing and making our New Brunswick made handcrafted products easily accessible under one roof to our patrons who visit us within Fredericton and from all over the world. If you are creative, have amazing designs and creations to share and sell, we are here to help make that happen. Contact us now
​at www.thenorthsidemarket.ca to get started! Come to the Northside Market and see the New Brunswick talent and meet your favourite vendors and shops as we continue to support and grow together!
Open Letter to Our Valuable Patrons and Dedicated Vendors,

Last August The Northside Market closed Fridays for renovations inside and out. We have accomplished within this time building seven new outside food vendor sheds. We have worked with Public Health, the Fire Marshal and the City of Fredericton to be the only market providing new solid and safe outdoor accommodations for our dedicated outdoor vendors for which we are very proud of. We have also relocated within the building some of your favourite vendors. They are now grouped together into what they sell so it is easier to know what to expect when you enter the different sections of The Northside Market. 

​During the past few months we have seen some of our vendors expand into new products and bigger spaces and as we continue to grow with our vendors we are excited to announce the reopening of Fridays on Feb 14th and our newest expansion our in house boutique, Little House on the Perry.

​The Northside Market focus on the right location of being visible from the insection of Maple Street and Route 105 which has one of the highest traffic volumes in the city. We focus on the the right vendor mix, mission, public space, connections, economics, promotion, value and management. By making sure we adhere to our business model we are able to give you, our patrons, the best experience at The Northside Market which results in increased patronize as well as directly increasing sales to the surrounding local businesses. 

​The Northside Market also supports our local businesses, community health, immigrants and local culture. Immigrants have a place to express their culture whether it is by the food they prepare or the merchandise they sell from their home countries. We are all able to experience our local culture while at the same time learning about our immigrant's culture.The Northside Market is a direct advantage to Fredericton's Northside and surrounding areas as it is easy accessible and is easy to navigate to. Since the building is on one level it is easy to get around for those who use wheelchairs. Because of the open layout of the building, on site available parking and the close proximity to retail, housing, offices, neighborhoods and public transit, The Northside Market is the ideal place where people can naturally come together.

Our Vendors are chosen for the quality, appearance and cleanliness of their product which can range from local to non - local, handcrafted, upcycled, vintage, recycled and are competitive, innovative, informative and distinctive. Each vendor creatively expresses their artistic and uniqueness by the way their display their products. We understand you, our patrons, like knowing that each vendor or business is owner operated and our vendors keep you engaged by directly relating to and meeting your needs and wants. 

Our Vendors at The Northside Market offer classic merchandise similar to a traditional farmers market and trendy, in-style and favoured new products which local individuals sell supplied to them from near and far. Local enterprisers with wide selections for you!The Northside Market has become a symbol of community identity and we bring neighborhoods together by directly demonstrating a sense of “giveback” because we strengthen local connections.

​We have become known within such a short time after our opening as a place that is deeply New Brunswick rooted and because of this we would like to thank you our valuable patrons and vendors for your support in your community market.